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LinkedIn logo, symbolizing top 10 linkedin groups for startupsLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. The social media network has over 450 million registered users worldwide. The members have also created over 2 million LinkedIn groups.

Members of LinkedIn groups connect for jobs, meeting industry experts, and potential business partners. I have had discussions with amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world in multiple LinkedIn groups. The groups are a free service provided by LinkedIn. Joining a few of them is a great way to connect and learn.

business quote for startups, encouraging them to look for a mentor in LinkedIn groupsAs a startup or small business owner, you face many difficult challenges. Most of your time is spent on your business survival. It is hard to get out of the office to network and make connections. Connections are vital for sales development, funding, recruiting,and staying current with the latest trends.  Joining some active LinkedIn groups is one of the best ways to make new connections. The groups offer the ability to get answers from executives who have experienced similar struggles.

There are hundreds of groups specializing in helping startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It would have been very easy to expand the list to well over 50 groups. The list is subjective and based on what I believe are some of the best groups to help you grow your startup or small business.

Here are 10 must follow LinkedIn groups that every startup or small business owner should join:

Group #1: LinkedIn Groups for Startups

On Startups – The Community for Entrepreneurs is the largest entrepreneurial startup group on LinkedIn with almost 600,000 members.  The focus is on startup marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring and any other startup or small business related topic.

Group #2: A Startup Specialists Group

A Startup Specialists Group is one the largest communities for startups, mentors, founders and investors. Discussions focus on everything relating to startups.  Topics on founders, mentors, investors, incubators, crowd sourcing, accelerators, and venture capital

Group #3: CT Small Business Toolkit

CT Small Business Toolkit is a group with the unusual name, however, nothing is unusual about their 54,000 members and their discussions. The discussions are among business owners and entrepreneurs who are starting, growing or exiting their ventures

Group #4: Entrepreneur’s Network

Entrepreneur’s Network is a network for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. The group has a global feel to it and over 20,000 entrepreneurs.  It is a place to find answers, ask questions and connect with other aspiring global entrepreneurs.

Group #5: The Business Owner Marketing Group

The Business Owner Marketing Group is a group goal to help you create more customers and consequently make you more money. The group has over 40,000 small business experts. Tap into their collective knowledge and you may just feel comforted in knowing there are professionals facing the same marketing and sales obstacles as you.

Group #6: Linked Small Business Innovators

Linked Small Business Innovators is set up as a resource group for members to share news, trends, expertise, and resources for the benefit of education and connection. Members use this group to build relationships with other strategic connections and expand their knowledge and information base with other small business innovators.

Group #7: Entrepreneur News Network

Entrepreneur News Network is focused on all start-up and business development stories for new organizations across all industries. The 28,000 members share information relating to starting a company.

Group #8: Global Entrepreneur Network

Global Entrepreneur Network is a global group 17,000 members is set up for sharing, discovering and networking with entrepreneurs. It attracts experienced professionals who discuss trends and topics making your business more profitable and successful.

Group #9: Small Business Network

Small Business Network is for the entrepreneur, founder, and small business owner. Entrepreneurs who start up, grow, manage an SMB & SME. The group covers loans, financing, deal structure, franchising, insurance, legal, accounting, tax, and software. Share ideas, advice on web design, online marketing plans, strategy, opportunities, development, and social media.

Group #10: Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs

Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs is a group of dedicated women entrepreneurs who are serious about supporting, sharing and promoting their business with like-minded individuals.  The group has 17,000 members looking to building their network and sharing resources.

The Revenue Tribe is another LinkedIn group I would like you to consider. Launched in August 2016, the group’s members are professional men and women executives who share a common goal, driving revenue for their business.  It is a community of executives from startups, small business, and Fortune 500 companies all learning and sharing their experiences.

The group is global. It is moderated by Dagmar Gatell from Germany, Zala Bricelj from Slovenia,  Varun Kumar from India, and myself, Scott Johnson from Chicago, Illinois USA.

Have we missed any of your favorite groups?  What are some of the other groups and networks worth joining? Please share your thoughts in a comment.

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