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How to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

how to prepare for small business saturdayThe biggest shopping season of the year is fast approaching and you need to prepare for Small Business Saturday.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates.  We’ve got plenty of items on our to-do lists to make sure customers sign up for our e-mails, follow us on social platforms, download our mobile apps, and shop from us when they’re buying gifts for others.


Steps to Take Now for Explosive Business Growth Next Year

how to create explosive business growth for 2017With the 2017 fast approaching, it is a great time to take steps for explosive business growth next year.

Are you happy with how your sales numbers look for next year?

While there is not much time left to close new business for this year, you certainly can implement a few strategies to increase the probability of more new business for next year.


Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Startup Businesses

gray background with white lettering, simple content marketing strategy for startup businessLet’s start by saying that having a content marketing strategy is a necessary requirement for every startup and small business. As entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with day to day operations.  Throw in customer and investor hand holding and consequently, there is little time left for searching for the next customer.

The idea of launching a content marketing program seems overwhelming to most startups and small businesses.  The thought of producing regular content in addition to finding the time necessary to produce and place the content is frightening.

So why do companies produce content?


Why it is Essential Companies have a Business Blog

startup sitting on the computer, creating their business blogWhy do you need a business blog?   Your business is up and running.  Your online presence looks great.  You created a beautiful website with links to all your social media platforms and testimonials from satisfied customers, but something is not right.

Where is the business? Where is the traffic?  It is a common scenario for most startups and small businesses.  The crucial missing link being a blog.  If you want to grow your traffic and build your business, it is essential that you have a business blog.


Five Common Misconceptions About SEO Search Engine Optimization And Cats

little white Siamese cat with gray shades, symbolizing the 5 misconceptions people have about SEO search engine optimization and catsIf you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you focus on building your online presence and creating your authority website. You also know SEO search engine optimization is a must!  There is much to learn about SEO and much more to avoid, but how do you build a well-performing, accessible and functional authority site that can help you grow your business?

Enjoy the insights about SEO search engine optimization and the correlation to cats from an SEO and Cat Lover.


Identifying Customer Pain Points – Step-By-Step Plan To Do A Better Job Than Your Competitor

young business man on the beach, looking through a telescope, symbolizing the importance of identifying customer pain points Identifying customer pain points is the first thing you want to do when determining what to include in your sales pitch. It’s all about finding out what is the underlining pain and what is causing the pain. You can then help them to solve their problem by offering the best possible solution.

Many entrepreneurs I work with assume they know their customers’ pain points.  However, without doing the research and analyses, they really do not know what is causing your customers problems. In the search engine optimization world, an assumption is a bad companion. I have seen many entrepreneurs struggle with trying to sell products and services to a target market which was interested but their “pain” wasn’t big enough for them to be financially successful.