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Effective Business Networking for the Startup Executive

gray box with orange frame, blue arrow and white lettering, effective business networking for startupsLooking for new clients? Growing your product’s reach? Need to learn about new market information and innovations? Or just searching for an investor or potential employees.

The best opportunity, as a startup executive, to achieve these objectives is to attend business networking related conferences, events, and conventions.

People always told me I’m a connector.



Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Startup Businesses

gray background with white lettering, simple content marketing strategy for startup businessLet’s start by saying that having a content marketing strategy is a necessary requirement for every startup and small business. As entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with day to day operations.  Throw in customer and investor hand holding and consequently, there is little time left for searching for the next customer.

The idea of launching a content marketing program seems overwhelming to most startups and small businesses.  The thought of producing regular content in addition to finding the time necessary to produce and place the content is frightening.

So why do companies produce content?


Why it is Essential Companies have a Business Blog

startup sitting on the computer, creating their business blogWhy do you need a business blog?   Your business is up and running.  Your online presence looks great.  You created a beautiful website with links to all your social media platforms and testimonials from satisfied customers, but something is not right.

Where is the business? Where is the traffic?  It is a common scenario for most startups and small businesses.  The crucial missing link being a blog.  If you want to grow your traffic and build your business, it is essential that you have a business blog.


Why Are You In Business – Knowing Your Why Influences Your Business Success or Failure

a child holding a magnifying glass in her hands, symbolizing the search for finding answers to why are you in businessWhy are you in business?  I started my entrepreneurial journey so I could leave a 60-hour job I didn’t love nor enjoy anymore. I was in an industry I thought I would make a difference in the world. It took me two years to realize the company hoping for environmental catastrophes to make more money and not looking to make a positive environmental impact.

My goal was to use my gift to help other entrepreneurs find the hidden revenue opportunities in online niches and fulfill my client’s inner desire of creating an impact for them and their clients.


5 Critical Ways Your Social Media Activity Can Affect Your Leads and Sales

milleniums on their phones and tablets, using social media activity as a way to engage with their communitiesThe growth of social media has an enormous impact on the way you sell your products and services.   Today, over 1.7 billion people are engaging on various social media platforms. They include your current customers and prospects.   This is a wonderful opportunity to use your social media activity to add to your leads and grow your sales.

Social media has had a major impact on the way companies make purchasing decisions.   A majority of the buying process now happens before the customer contacts your company.   Your prospects are (more…)

How Partnerships and Alliances Can Deliver Business Growth

Four business men and women holding each a puzzle piece in their hands, symbolizing the value of business growth through partnerships and alliancesAre you worried about your long-term business growth? You know how hard it is to grow your business today, especially when you have many competitors, a lack of brand awareness, and a very small marketing budget. Here is how you can grow your business to make a statement to your competitors, increase your brand presence all while utilizing a small marketing budget.

Marketers have come to realize the benefits of alliances. Wikipedia describes this relationship as “two or more organizations joining together to pursue mutual benefits while remaining independent organizations”.