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How Partnerships and Alliances Can Deliver Business Growth

Four business men and women holding each a puzzle piece in their hands, symbolizing the value of business growth through partnerships and alliancesAre you worried about your long-term business growth? You know how hard it is to grow your business today, especially when you have many competitors, a lack of brand awareness, and a very small marketing budget. Here is how you can grow your business to make a statement to your competitors, increase your brand presence all while utilizing a small marketing budget.

Marketers have come to realize the benefits of alliances. Wikipedia describes this relationship as “two or more organizations joining together to pursue mutual benefits while remaining independent organizations”.

Selling To Big Companies Even If You Are Just Starting Up

skyline of Manhattan, symbolizing the opportunities of selling to big companies if you are are just a startupSelling to big companies is a challenging task.  Every startup and small business would love  to be a supplier to a Fortune 500 company.  It is a dream come true. Most startups and small businesses will never approach the large companies for fear of rejection.

They think and believe that there is no way a large corporation would be interested in their product or service and that the dream of selling to a big company is unattainable.