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Steps to Take Now for Explosive Business Growth Next Year

how to create explosive business growth for 2017With the 2017 fast approaching, it is a great time to take steps for explosive business growth next year.

Are you happy with how your sales numbers look for next year?

While there is not much time left to close new business for this year, you certainly can implement a few strategies to increase the probability of more new business for next year.


Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Startup Businesses

gray background with white lettering, simple content marketing strategy for startup businessLet’s start by saying that having a content marketing strategy is a necessary requirement for every startup and small business. As entrepreneurs, we are overwhelmed with day to day operations.  Throw in customer and investor hand holding and consequently, there is little time left for searching for the next customer.

The idea of launching a content marketing program seems overwhelming to most startups and small businesses.  The thought of producing regular content in addition to finding the time necessary to produce and place the content is frightening.

So why do companies produce content?


Three Simple Tips To Stop Losing Money On Pay Per Click Advertising

letter scramble pay per click, symbolizing the pitfalls of wasting money with pay per click advertisingI recently received an interesting phone call from a prospect. It was quite disturbing. She asked if I could help her with Facebook pay per click advertising to promote her local business.

As the conversation progressed it was obvious she was very upset.  Her pay per click advertising campaigns did not convert to customers in the conversion rate she was hoping for.

She was looking for other paid advertising opportunities to spend less money.


Creating a Successful Online Presence for Your Startup Business

business woman, typing on her mac book or laptop, symbolizing how to create a successful online presence for your startupJust starting your online presence? Fantastic! You have the opportunity to create a successful online presence and do it correctly right from the beginning. You have a great product or service and you launched your business.

Now it is time to let the online world know you exist. Why?  Because exactly 100 percent of your potential customers searching for your product or service who cannot find you or know you’re in business won’t buy from you.


Five Common Misconceptions About SEO Search Engine Optimization And Cats

little white Siamese cat with gray shades, symbolizing the 5 misconceptions people have about SEO search engine optimization and catsIf you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you focus on building your online presence and creating your authority website. You also know SEO search engine optimization is a must!  There is much to learn about SEO and much more to avoid, but how do you build a well-performing, accessible and functional authority site that can help you grow your business?

Enjoy the insights about SEO search engine optimization and the correlation to cats from an SEO and Cat Lover.


What Are Pain Points Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Dealing With?

man holding his hand on his ear, symbolizing the importance of understanding what are pain pointsWhat are pain points? Pain points are problems, issues, or challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses feel they are dealing with. These pain points can be materialistic (no money, no funds, no sales) or idealistic. (They don’t feel appreciated. They feel invisible. They hate doing their business. They feel not heard.)