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5 Critical Ways Your Social Media Activity Can Affect Your Leads and Sales

milleniums on their phones and tablets, using social media activity as a way to engage with their communitiesThe growth of social media has an enormous impact on the way you sell your products and services.   Today, over 1.7 billion people are engaging on various social media platforms. They include your current customers and prospects.   This is a wonderful opportunity to use your social media activity to add to your leads and grow your sales.

Social media has had a major impact on the way companies make purchasing decisions.   A majority of the buying process now happens before the customer contacts your company.   Your prospects are (more…)

What Are Pain Points Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Dealing With?

man holding his hand on his ear, symbolizing the importance of understanding what are pain pointsWhat are pain points? Pain points are problems, issues, or challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses feel they are dealing with. These pain points can be materialistic (no money, no funds, no sales) or idealistic. (They don’t feel appreciated. They feel invisible. They hate doing their business. They feel not heard.)