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Inspirational Startup Quotes To Lift You Up When Going Through Tough Times

startup quote, don't be the same. Be better. by TheyAllHateUs

Image source: https://www.startupvitamins.com

These 31 inspirational startup quotes are for startups who are exploring a dark time in their business.  Searching for inspiration to lift them up. Startups are more challenged than other entrepreneurs or small business owners.

They have a lot of huge ideas and at the same time often depend heavily on funding, resources, and manpower.

When dark times come, it’s important to stay inspired and remember the original thought why you created the startup in the first place.


Why Are You In Business – Knowing Your Why Influences Your Business Success or Failure

a child holding a magnifying glass in her hands, symbolizing the search for finding answers to why are you in businessWhy are you in business?  I started my entrepreneurial journey so I could leave a 60-hour job I didn’t love nor enjoy anymore. I was in an industry I thought I would make a difference in the world. It took me two years to realize the company hoping for environmental catastrophes to make more money and not looking to make a positive environmental impact.

My goal was to use my gift to help other entrepreneurs find the hidden revenue opportunities in online niches and fulfill my client’s inner desire of creating an impact for them and their clients.