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Demand Generation Services for Startups, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Our demand generation services were created with one goal in mind, to increase our customer’s revenue growth. The times have changed when a startup, small or medium-sized business just needed an attractive website, some keywords and engage a little bit on social media to get sales and leads to their website. Nowadays, businesses need to have a well-developed marketing strategy in place, including tactics to attract the right online traffic, awareness, and interest in their company’s products and services.

But how can you do this?

Let’s start with defining the difference between demand generation and lead generation.

What is Demand Generation versus Lead Generation?

Many businesses are confused about demand generation and lead generation.

Demand generation is needed when your target and niche market knows nothing about you, your product and services. Demand generating services and tactics provide their value by introducing you to your marketplace. Demand generation services are basically about creating awareness and interest in your products, services, and company.

Whereas lead generation services normally start when your ideal client first has contact with you or was referred by somebody you trust.  Lead generation utilizes content and other marketing tactics to collect names for further contact.



What Is Demand Generation?

Demand generation is the process of generating online and/or offline demand for a company’s products and services.  It includes developing and executing marketing tactics and using marketing programs that drive traffic, awareness and interest to a company’s products and/or services. The goal is to bring qualified traffic to increase your sales.  Using proven inbound marketing strategies will bring in quality inbound links and support the more sales driven process of your company.


What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating leads by stimulating, attracting and capturing interest in a company’s service and/or products for the purpose of developing the sales pipeline. To generate leads and convert the traffic and prospects into clients and customers, you may need to “dangle a carrot.”  The “carrot” being an offer they are really interested in receiving and willing to give their name, email address, and phone number.  Offering a free download or sample of your products or services may get them into your lead and sales funnel.  This starts the nurturing process of converting them into buyers.

Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing strategies and tactics are used to create qualified sales lead opportunities. Developing demand generation programs help entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses to attract new clients but also to access new markets, promote new products and services, and reconnect with their existing clients.

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Business-to-Business Demand Generation

Know Your Audience

Before you can create a demand generation marketing campaign, you need to create your ideal client or buyer’s personas. Understanding who they are and their needs, problems, challenges, and desires.   Knowing your audience is the key to selling your products and services successfully.

Have A Plan

To generate demand online, you want to have a plan, preferably an annual plan. Knowing your starting point and your ultimate goal, you can plan and execute the proper demand generation marketing tactics and strategies. You cannot create demand for a product or service if you do not put the time and effort into the process.

Listen to Your Audience

Many entrepreneurs we work with believe their product and service are the best on the market and most of them are the best.  They assume there is a demand for exactly what they offer. When you see very little activity, revisit your target market customer and listen and look for their specific needs. They will listen to your marketing and sales messages when you offer what they really want. When they start listening and engaging with you, it is time to initiate additional strategies and tactics to secure them as clients and customers.  It’s never the quantity but the quality of your demand generation marketing campaigns that will bring you the best customers and clients.

Have A Process In Place For Converting Your Leads Into Revenue

When our clients hire us for our demand generation services, they often focused on generating offline or online demand for their products and services. Many do not have a working lead and sales funnel set up to convert the demand into revenue. Generating demand only brings you profit if you or your sales team follows up in a timely manner and starts the relationship process.

Stay Engaged

There are some great customer management programs and customer retention programs available on the market. They help you to separate cold leads from hot leads and to gain repeated sales and leads. Demand generation is the first step to increasing your revenue. The next step is to have a lead generation program in place that takes your new demand and makes sure your quality leads are converted into clients and customers.

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How We Help Our Clients

Measuring and Analyzing Your Existing Online Demand

Creating Your Ideal Client Personas And Identifying Their Pain Points

Attract More Of Your Ideal Client Online And Offline And Helping You To Convert Them Into Leads And Sales

Demand Generation Services We Provide

Sozial Monster offers three different ways to work with us: The first is our 30-minute complimentary strategy session. Totally free and confidential with no strings attached. Secondly, is our 2-hour one-on-one company review where we evaluate your SEO and revenue performance. The third way is our retainer services. We become part of your team. This is a monthly consultation contract cancellable at any time. Our Sozial Monster team is here to help you on your business growth journey!

Depending on the demand and lead generation service package you choose, we can help you identify your product and service revenue streams, or evaluate and guide you to implementing your demand or lead generation strategies.

30-min Complimentary Strategy Session

For Startups and Businesses who Want to know Their Next Best Move.
  • We’ll give you advice you can act on today.
  • Our session is unique and tailored to your business.
  • We’ll make sure you leave with actionable items that will make a difference.
  • No Cost. No Strings. Totally Confidential.
  • If you want to learn more about what Sozial Monster offers, that’s great! If not, that’s fine too. We’re confident you’ll find value in the session.
  • First 15-min: Discover how to identify your ideal customer’s pain points.
  • Second 15-min: We discuss how to capitalize on these pain points and turn them into revenue opportunities.
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2-Hour Coaching Session

For Startups and Businesses who Want to Reach Their Next Revenue Level.
  • In-depth review of your existing revenue platforms: Your lead generation and sales funnel, your website, and overall online presence.
  • Evaluating new revenue channels, channel distribution & new markets for your products and services
  • Based on the review we provide you recommendations and advice on how to execute the action steps.
  • Bonus #1: SEO Audit
  • Bonus #2: Social Media Audit
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Ongoing Consulting

For Startups and Businesses who Want to Grow Their Revenue Streams.
  • Most of our clients elect to have ongoing direct access to Dag, Scott and their Sozial Monster team on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly arrangements depend on the complexity of your business.
  • The monthly retainer can arrange from a minimum of $500/month to over $10,000/month, depending on the needs of your business.
  • In addition to the monthly retainer, there is an initial fee for the first month where we develop with you strategies and tactics to set up the right foundation for your business . We also create a complete review of your business, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000.
  • The monthly retainer program starts with a 3-month minimum after the first month. It be cancelled anytime after the foursth month with a 30-day notice.
  • Our clients select this option because it may take up to four months to lay the revenue foundation, either through search engine optimization, inbound marketing, demand generation and/or building of offline relationships with respective customers.
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