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letter scramble pay per click, symbolizing the pitfalls of wasting money with pay per click advertisingI recently received an interesting phone call from a prospect. It was quite disturbing. She asked if I could help her with Facebook pay per click advertising to promote her local business.

As the conversation progressed it was obvious she was very upset.  Her pay per click advertising campaigns did not convert to customers in the conversion rate she was hoping for.

She was looking for other paid advertising opportunities to spend less money.

I asked how she measures the ROI (return on investment) of her pay per click advertising campaigns, the quantity and quality of the leads she gains from them, and the number of leads versus the number of sales. In addition, I took a quick look at her overall online presence and noticed the inability to attract qualified leads through pay per click advertising

If you want to get subscribers, leads or new clients fast, paid advertising, especially pay per click advertising is a good idea, but  …

SEO versus Pay Per Click Advertising Results

Compared to SEO (search engine optimization) where you optimize your website, business blog, and overall online presence for ranking results,  pay per click advertising is supposed to get your prospect to click on your paid ad and bring them to your website or specific landing page.

Sounds simple, right?

Only, if you know what you are doing.   It helps to be very familiar with the ways pay per click advertising can convert traffic into real leads and sales.

Here Are Three Tested Pay Per Click Advertising Tips That Helped Save Thousands Of Dollars On Clients’ PPC Campaigns

Tip #1: Make Sure You Use Keywords That Make You Money

Keywords and keywords are not the same in pay per click advertising. Some can make money and some can be a waste of invested money.

Some keywords can make money and some can be a waste of invested money in #PPC. Click To Tweet

You can make a lot of money utilizing pay per click keywords.   However, if you use the wrong keywords, you can consistently lose money.

Here is how I choose the best keywords for a pay per click advertising campaign:

PPC keywords need to have an existing demand online.

  • Some keywords can make sense for your industry but it doesn’t mean other people are searching for it online. It could be that they use similar keywords but not the same.
  • Make sure you use the exact keyword your prospects are using to find the products or services you offer.

Search demand is not everything.

#Keyword search demand is not everything in #PPC. Click To Tweet
  • A PPC keyword with a high search demand but does not have competitors bidding for it simply could mean there is no money to make with that keyword.
  • Only use keywords your competitors find worth investing in so you can make sure you have a good chance to sell your products and services.

When you start with pay per click advertising, create a pay per click keyword list that includes very competitive, competitive and less competitive keywords.

  • Test while the campaign is running to see where you get the best responses.
  • Less competitive keywords often have less search demand and could barely bring you leads. Highly competitive keywords could you bring leads that you will pay a lot for.
  • Know your ROI, what a lead is worth, and your lead conversion rate will help you make educated decisions on what keyword to leave active and what keywords to drop.

Negative keywords are keywords that sound great but bring you the wrong traffic to your landing page.

Negative #keywords bring you the wrong traffic in #PPC. Click To Tweet
  • These are keywords, often times too broad, too generic, similarly written or the same to your good keywords.  These keywords bring you traffic that you cannot convert. They just cost you money.
  • I worked in an industry where we sold a type of “water bags”. Our water bags could hold thousands of gallons of water and were shipped to countries that had a water shortage. We had to be very careful with pay per click advertising campaigns. It was all about choosing the right keyword. No way did we want to show up in a search for someone looking for a one-gallon water bag.
  • Using the wrong keyword can end up costing you thousands, and getting the wrong traffic to your landing page that is not converting.

Tip #2: Have A Specific Landing Page For Each Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

I have met startups and small businesses who want to link all their PPC campaigns to a single landing page, or link to their homepage, web store overview page, or business blog to get subscribers.

Don’t save time on the cutting corners.

They set up one single landing page for all their PPC campaigns because they want to save time and get over with the whole advertising thing. So they can get the leads faster.

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The reality is they normally don’t get any leads.

Want to get sales or leads for one specific product or service, set up a landing page for the one specific product and service.

No matter if you sell jewelry, tea or the strategy calls for different target markets, the landing page formula works the same in any industry. If you promote a specific product like organic loose leaf black tea, don’t use your web store as a “landing page”.

  • Use your specific organic loose leaf black tea product page to convert your paid traffic.
  • The same is true if you are a coach trying to bring paid traffic to your strategy calls. If you offer different strategy call types or levels, create one landing page for each of them.
  • Each company target market is totally different. They have different expectations you need to fulfill with your chosen keywords, ad copy, and landing page presentation.

Here is the last tip on how to stop losing money with your pay per click advertising campaigns. It’s as important as the other two tips and the most fragile one.

The tip has a lot to do with how your prospects “see”, “hear”, and “feel” the message you try to convey in your paid advertising.

Tip #3: Keywords – Ad Copy – Landing Page – Sign Up/Sale: Have The Same “Scent” From The Beginning To The End Will Create Trust And Credibility

The tip that is the most difficult to implement is also the most rewarding. Our sub conscious mind makes the buying decision after a “feeling”.

Your #PPC keywords, ad copy & landing page needs to have the same scent. Click To Tweet

Knowing this, we need to make sure that our keywords, ad copy, and landing page reinsure the prospect they are on the right track from their initial search in Google to landing on your product or service or sign up page.

There are different factors that need to follow a “red line” from the first touch to the end sale or sign up.


  • The same keyword needs to be in the ad copy and on the landing page, clearly visible to reinsure your traffic they found what they were looking for in the first place.

Ad Copy:

  • Repeat on the landing page what you promised in your ad copy, text, images, or video.  Provide your product, service or subscription as the solution to their problem.  Solve your prospects pain points or struggles and you land a new customer.

Landing Page:

  • The landing page should have the same media you used for the ad copy. Eliminate the navigation bar and sidebar to minimize the distraction for your online visitors.
  • You need to fulfill on your landing page what you promised in the ad. If you promised to show them a beautiful jewelry piece, a one of a kind organic loose leaf black tea blend, or an outstanding opportunity to grow a business through a one of a kind strategy call, give them all that and more.  I don’t mean overwhelm them with a lot of text or media. Deliver what you promised.
  • Create trust, credibility, and reinsurance with your online visitors. Succeed here and they will give you their name and email address (subscription) or their credit card (product or service).


Your expectations for paid advertising are huge. You want to get leads, sales or subscribers immediately. Make sure you follow the three simple tips for pay per click advertising and you will be successful. Converting people deeper on their buyer journey is an art.

Understand their needs. You need to present yourself as somebody who can fulfill this need and to provide the best solution. Reinsure them on each step of their journey.  Create the trust that they are going in the right direction and you will have a new customer.

At the end, you have an amazing product or service that can help to change their life for the better and possibly create a positive impact. Don’t give up.  As you will need to test this process. Remember why you are in business and the goodness you can do by serving people.  Building your business online is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck with it.

Here’s to you building a stronger company!

Good luck from the Sozial Monster Team.  We are experienced enough to solve your problem, small enough for you to know you will be a valued client.

Oh, if there’s anything I’m missing in this article, tell me! I’ll be happy to add it in.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on this article in the comments section.

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